Alytaus Likiškėlių pagrindinė mokykla, Alytus, LITUANIA

Our organization has experience in taking part in lots of projects related with environment. As the result of it we have got  first places  in various contests and we have got a green flag for nine years. Our town Alytus is situated in a very convenient place as we have many lakes around here, the longest river of Lithuania The Nemunas divides Alytus into two parts, lots ponds and etc. As the project is about the saving the environment  so we could show the participants the beautiful landscape of our area. We are sure they will like it. There are  no participants at risk of social exclusion, migrants and refugees.In our school we have various environment clubs.

                                                  Teacher: Irma Karpiejienė


Année scolaire 2013-2014 (région )

Rentrée des enseignants
 21 August 2013   
Rentrée des élèves
2 September 2013
Vacances d'automne
28 October 2013-31 October 2013
Vacances de Noël
23 December 2013-03January 2014
6-10 forms 17 February 2014-18 February 2014
Vacances de Printemps et de Pâques
14 April 2014-18 April 2014
Vacances d'été
6-10 forms 9 June 2014- 31 August 2014
Jours fériés en dehors des vacances

Lithuanian presidency of the Counsil of the European Union 2013
In the second semester of 2013, Lithuania will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

2 commentaires:

  1. The mystery of Lithuanie: the Nemunas that devides Alytus into two parts, as the Seine devides Paris...It will be so interesting to learn from you, to know you better!

  2. I'm so happy to discover your country, your town, your school and you. You are so far from us, far away on the north east... We are all European !!